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HGH stands for human growth hormone (also known as somatotropin) and it is produced by the gland in our brain, called the pituitary gland. Optimal levels are mandatory for proper cell regeneration, insulin absorption and IGF-1 protein, which is important for the bone density and bone regeneration. Due to brain injury, disease, or genetic factors, the pituitary gland may start producing less HGH than needed. When this happens, you will develop HGH deficiency. Treatments include medications and patches, but they are rarely effective and they are more complicated to use on a regular level. At our Chicago HGH Clinic you will get an HGH therapy that will change your life. Each segment of the therapy is simple, easy and painless. The accent is on the safety, meaning that there are no side effects, complications, unwanted effects nor anything that may affect your lifestyle. On the other hand, we have impressive benefits to mention.

Hormone replacement Therapy in Chicago

The entire process regarding the therapy can be obtained at our HGH Clinic Chicago. The first step is the test, used to determine the actual human growth levels in your blood. The entire therapy will be based on them, meaning that you will get injections with a dosage to restore the levels of the hormone. Depending on your condition, you may need more frequent dosages, such as 2 per day. However, this happens rarely. Most of our patients will need one injection per day. Family members may give you the injections, but a Chicago HGH doctor will have to perform the further controls and checks. The goal is to measure the insulin levels, glucose, and bone density, so the therapy can be adjusted if needed.

HGH Deficiency Symptoms

The HGH deficiency affects men and women, all age 30 and above. Symptoms may vary, but there are some generic ones. Also, men and women have reported different symptoms and different time frame for them to occur. In essence, men will notice:

  • Anxiety.
  • Low sexual desire.
  • Weaker bones due to lower bone density.
  • Weaker muscles.
  • Baldness.
  • Insulin tolerance.
  • Heart complications.

Women will notice:

  • Depression.
  • Weight gain, usually around the waist.
  • Dry skin.
  • Fatigue.

Low energy levels and low bone density are always present. Sadly, these symptoms are hard to detect, so our doctor must perform a series of tests, including, physical exam, MRI, X-rays and blood tests. We discovered that anxiety and depression are the first symptoms that occur in men and women. In order to determine what is the main cause, a test at our HGH Clinic near me is needed.

Benefits of HGH Therapy

The duration of the therapy may last the rest of your life if the pituitary gland doesn’t show any improvements in HGH production. A good this is that during the duration of the therapy, each patient will get amazing benefits. They affect the body and the mind and they are important for a much better lifestyle.

Energy will be significantly improved thanks to better hormone balance. This also means that fatigue will be completely gone. Exercising is more effective and you will have a better desire to exercise.

Better mood. All our patients have reported that a much better mood and a complete depression elimination are noticed. Once you begin with the therapy, you will feel joyful and be immune to the stress.

Other benefits involve better sexual desire, insulin balance, LDL levels are normal, and strong, younger bones.

Top Rated HGH Doctor Chicago

HGH therapy Chicago is always provided by the best doctors in the United States. All of them, who work for us must be proficient and complete experts in HGH therapy. All of them are capable diagnosing the condition just with the physical exam, which suggests how to advance their knowledge is. The assigned doctor will monitor your entire progress.
How to Get a Prescription?

The next step is to get a prescription. HGH for sale Chicago is available only with a prescription, in order to protect people from using extremely high dosages of the HGH. Our doctor will provide you the prescription needed for your therapy and based accordingly to the needs of your body. In essence, a simple prescription is the first solution of all your problems.

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