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Our Philadelphia HGH Clinic specializes in HGH treatments and curing all associated symptoms. We have been offering a unique set of skills, gained from doctors who are fully oriented towards this kind of therapy. As such, all our patients can get a complete recovery in a short period of time, using a therapy that is extraordinary, safe and highly effective. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a natural product of the body, produced by the pituitary gland. The gland is located close to the brain stem, a part of the brain responsible for controlling breathing, heart and many other subconscious processes, therefore any medical procedure is highly dangerous. Due to reduced HGH production (the causes are different), the human body develops a set of symptoms, usually combined and usually after the age 30. Living with those symptoms is almost impossible, so our therapy is more than just needed.

Hormone replacement Therapy Clinic in Philadelphia

After performing blood tested, which should determine the precise levels of the HGH, IGF-1, insulin and IGFBP-3, a patient will get a treatment that is specific to his state. Each therapy is made according to the cause and symptoms, meaning that each patient will get a unique dosage of the HGH. The injections are given once per day or, less frequently, but this aspect also depends on the blood tests. Additionally, we always perform MRI and x-ray tests in order to determine the state of the pituitary gland and get additional details about the further development of the therapy. At our HGH Clinic Philadelphia, you can complete all of these tests in a single day. Be free to contact us and schedule an exam.

HGH Deficiency Symptoms

HGH therapy Philadelphia will be based on the symptoms you may experience. In some cases, there is not any obvious reason for the beginning of the symptoms, but in most cases, they are related to head injury, genetic pituitary gland effectiveness reduction or several other conditions. It is also possible to get the symptoms without obvious reasons. They can be categorized as:


  • Baldness.
  • Dry skin.
  • Sensitivity to low or high temperatures.


  • Anxiety.
  • Low energy levels.
  • Depression.
  • Weight gain.
  • Lower sexual interest.
  • Exercising won’t give results.


  • Heart complications.
  • Triglyceride incline.
  • Weak bones.
  • Reduced muscle mass.
  • Lack of memory.

Each patient should remember that all of these symptoms may occur over a short period of time, but it is also possible to have just one or two of them. If caused by HGH deficiency, there won’t be any other effective treatment expect HGH therapy.

Benefits of HGH Therapy

In simple terms, benefits will include a complete recovery from all symptoms we mentioned above. A Philadelphia HGH doctor will guide you through the process, but you can expect some improvements in your lifestyle after just a few treatments. For example, an instant increase in energy levels, better mood, and better sexual desire are noticed. Athletes can benefit from the treatment as well, due to mentioned facts.

Top Rated HGH Doctor Philadelphia

Our service, known as HGH Clinic near me is developed purely to help people who suffer from HGH deficiency. Over the years, we helped thousands of people to get their life back and to live as they want. The therapy is always conducted by a doctor who is proficient with the usage of HGH and with all related processes in the body. This eliminates the risk of side effects and improves the total result of therapy. We never hire ordinary doctors due to lack of their expertise in this field!

How to Get a Prescription?

The only and the best way you can get a prescription is at our clinic. Conventional clinics never detect HGH deficiency on time, nor do they recommend this treatment. We will give you a prescription which will define and determine your therapy. If you are looking for HGH for sale Philadelphia we are the best choice once again, due to the quality of the HGH we offer. Each injection has been manufactured by Merck Serono or Pfizer. These are the best manufacturers in the health industry, so each patient will get the best results and the safest form of the therapy.

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